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Supernatual 'Asylum4' Signed Print

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This is a HAND SIGNED exclusive print designed for the 'Asylum 4' Supernatural convention that was held betweeen May 14th - 16th 2010 at the Birmingham NEC Hilton Hotel.

The print features all the guests that attended the weekend, they are:

Jim Beaver - Bobby Singer

Alona Tal - Jo Harvelle

Mark Pellegrino - Lucifer

Kurt Fuller - Zachariah

Traci Dinwiddie - Pamela Barnes

Katherine Boecher - Lilith

Todd Stashwick - Dracula 

Rachel Milner - Meg

All the guests have signed the print in person, this is not a copy or preprint, I collected the signatures myself over the weekend as I was attending the event as a dealer and will supply a COA with the item.

The print is pressed onto board and mounted in a black surround, it measures approx 15 x 19.5 inches. 

This is a stunning piece of memorabilia for any Supernatural fan.

Please Note

If you are a UK buyer and wish to have the print framed, metal frame & glass pane, please contact me for details. Sorry frame option is not available to international buyers due to weight, cost of shipping and chance of breakage while in postal system. 

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Product Code AUTOASYLUM4
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